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THE DESTINATION: Defining a new strategic positioning, designing a new logo, and carrying out a rebranding campaign for the leading Italian supplier of office products and services for the Italian market.


guiding Mondoffice towards the affirmation of its identity through communication is a journey of connection, based on the acknowledgement of our shared values. What has always struck us about this company is its inclination to support both small and large companies in their growth, with commitment and competence, putting people first. A tailor-made approach, sensitive to the human needs for balance and well-being, is inherent to the communication strategy we conceived for our client.

With the payoff “Spazio al talento” (= “A platform for talent”), we gave Mondoffice a voice. We designed the entire campaign for the company, where our communication solutions were complemented by the images created by the artist Lorenzo Petrantoni, which our agency engaged for the first posting of large-format billboards. This was followed by a campaign with radio spots on RTL 102.5 TV and a second billboard posting. Moreover, we ran a major event dedicated to art in partnership with Copernico, a network of working spaces, flexible offices, and home office services. Last but not least, we created green events for all visitors during the Milan Green Week, a major event devoted to the environment. Finally, we produced a web series to enhance the digital presence of Mondoffice, an irreplaceable problem solver and supporter of talent. In 2020, we carried out several initiatives in support of professions and safety in the workplace, at school and at home. Products with an increased attention to sustainability were launched, along with a new product line for the hospitality industry and a tailor-made campaign to tell their stories. Also, we set up a crowdfunding campaign for 10 Italian restaurants with disabled employees, promoted by Italian pop band Lo Stato Sociale, who are well known for their commitment to social and sustainability issues. Our journey continues to this day, as we celebrate the legacy of a long-standing business that combines growth, certified quality, values, people, products, logistics, environment, and social responsibility with an increasing focus on sustainability under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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