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THE DESTINATION: Since 2012, we have told the story of the evolution of Misura Stevia creatively, trough nutrition education, and building its leadership.

THE JOURNEY: With Misura Stevia, the first Italian sweetener of natural origin based on stevia extracts, we have grown. In all senses. We put all our imagination and creativity at the customer’s service: we created advertisements, video recipes, a social media marketing strategy, sampling initiatives, edutainment events, web series. The result of this synergy, nourished by a constant, constructive flow of ideas, by video shoots, recordings, co-marketing and partnerships, was the accomplishment of Misura Stevia’s goal: achieving the leadership in the stevia-based sweetener market. Our greatest pride in this project has been the success of the web series we created in 2019 and the social media campaign that took place on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, which reached 9 million impressions with 3 million unique users. Some truly remarkable figures. The average cost per interaction was €0,01 with a CTR of 0.60%. However, it is not all about clicks. We also care about ethics and sustainability. In 2018, on the occasion of the Milan Green Week, an event that promotes environmental sustainability and the citizenship’s reappropriation of urban green areas, we designed and organized a series of events as part of the co-marketing partnership between Misura Stevia and Bonomelli, along with a social media campaign. The goal was to highlight the natural origin of the ingredients used by both brands in their products. Nutrition, fitness, and botany were just some of the topics covered in the various educational activities we organized.

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