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THE DESTINATION: defining the strategic positioning of Greenrail, including implementation of all communication aspects that the company requires to get a foothold in Italy and to expand internationally.

THE JOURNEY: a special opportunity to embark on an extraordinary route. Greenrail was the first Italian company in the infrastructure sector to be awarded the Horizon 2020 European tender. Their project involving the design and construction of an innovative railway sleeper produced with recycled materials is a showcase for our values: circularity and green economy. It goes without saying that we enthusiastically embraced Greenrail’s vision. We have communicated, by means of transmediality, the transition of Greenrail from its early days as an innovative multi-award-winning start-up to a SME in the infrastructure sector, an area that is marked by constant technological renewal. The communication strategy had to be based on the BRAND, since the product was not available yet. This led us to introduce a general visibility strategy, which was then complemented by a sector-specific POSITIONING. Taking the technological and sustainable core of the brand, we established a solid, highly engaging digital presence through an ecosystem of ad-hoc devices. Our national and international strategy has created a compelling link between the actions and the communication of the Greenrail brand, which is becoming increasingly successful, through ethical and sustainable initiatives, in the high-speed transport sector.

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