c’è da fare

pro bono activity

web design
fundraising campaign


THE DESTINATION: Creating a website to promote the single C’è da fare by the supergroup Kessisoglu & Friends per Genova in record time. The group was formed to raise funds for the community of Genoa in the aftermath of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge.

THE JOURNEY: Swan&Koi immediately responded to the solidarity appeal for Genoa, launched in 2019 by Paolo Kessisoglu with the participation of 25 famous Italian music artists. We created the website, communicated on social media platforms, and arranged the system of donations from the sales of the single C’è da fare. The Genoese association Occupy Albaro, known for its attention to the social issues of the city, was responsible for channelling the money to the local community.

Photo Credits: Settimio Benedusi

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