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THE DESTINATION: Repositioning the association and shaping its communication strategy to make it fit for its ever-broader global responsibility mission to guarantee social inclusion in the healthcare sector.

THE JOURNEY: AIFO, “Italian Association Friends of Raoul Follereau”, has been involved in the fight against leprosy since 1961. In 2012, they entrusted us with their strategic repositioning. That is when we embarked on a shared experience that deeply captivated us. Right from the start, we affirmed our commitment to providing a strong and unique voice to AIFO’s responsibility policy: from the fight against leprosy to the fight against all societal illnesses that hinder social inclusion, in favor of refugees, people with disabilities and vulnerable subjects. Today, we can proudly look back on a rewarding project: the long-overdue and disruptive repositioning has provided AIFO’s mission with a clear and effective framework of action, not only from a communicative perspective. On one side, we kept the personality of Follereau and the World Leprosy Day as cornerstones, on the other we incorporated new projects, which better suit its mission and expertise in the field of healthcare-based social inclusion globally. We organize a wide range of long-term activities to ensure AIFO’s well-deserved growth, which stimulate our strategic and creative thinking every year. These include advertisements, the creation of a fully accessible website, e-commerce for donations, magazines, publications for donors, audio-visual material, stories, social media, participation in institutional events like Expo 2015, the Innovation and Social Responsibility Show, third-sector events, and awareness-raising campaigns.

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