We like to ​​define ourselves as creative polyglots.
Learning, speaking, and developing the multiple languages ​​of creativity and innovation has led us to create LAB1 (pronounced as ‘Labuan’): a real labour of love.

LAB1 is a division within Swan&Koi aimed at researching new languages, new forms of creativity and experimentation, as well as innovative productions. We believe that the traditional advertising language nowadays no longer leads to constructive dialogue, cultural growth, or conscious development. It is not at everyone’s advantage. An ever faster-paced change requires new paradigms and inter-disciplinary experimentation, as well as new, non-conventional positions. This can, in our view, breathe new life into communication agencies, and bring benefits not only for us, but for the whole sector. In addition to experimentation, we believe in shared lifelong learning, in boundless curiosity, in ethics as an instrument to take action and create new languages, as well as in second-level digital literacy to reach full awareness in the use of digital tools.

In short, experimentation is our pearl of Labuan: a place where everything can magically come true.

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