We are Swan&Koi.
The swan symbolizes purity and loyalty.
The koi carp stands for perseverance.

Just like the carp, that perfectly complements the qualities of the swan, we strive for the perfect balance between these two souls, and we are happy to identify them in you.

Since 2012, we fly high with the projects we create with you.


We open up new horizons with the ideas we think for you.

We swim with the certainty of reaching the destination with you.


We offer you an experience that combines professionalism and cross-cutting skills with a strong dedication to listening and analyzing, based on intuition and creation.


In us you will find a soil where you can cultivate languages, make your stories grow and bring out your identity, thanks to our specialization in strategic consulting and our brand communication background.


We care about the impact your company has on the business world, as well as on society and on the environment that surrounds us. This is why we are resourceful by nature. This is why we draw inspiration from nature itself to give a voice to your most gentle and sustainable soul, through an innovative and original transmedia narrative that always takes your roots and traditions into account.


There are two sides of nature that have always inspired us. The nature of the world we live in. The nature of the brand you believe in.

From creation to creativity, our mission is to build a communication bridge that tells your identity through solid strategies and memorable ideas. Our approach does not only draw on creativity, but also on ethics and sustainability. 


In an era that does not provide the new generations with a breeding ground to grow, we invite you to cultivate your projects in an environment of possibilities and growth. Because for us, innovation is only real when it is incorporated into a common vision of sustainable development, where your uniqueness meets shared values such as equity, humanity, and the care for our planet.


We are flexible and ready to go through change with you, keeping a specific objective in mind: operating in a transparent and responsible manner towards people, communities, territories, the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, organizations, associations, and other stakeholders. To make sure that your experience, as well as ours, always remains human.


We invite you to embark on a journey of knowledge with us, for you to discover your potential, and for us to embrace your history and make it our own, to start a disruptive, enterprising, conscious experience.


Be nice to the world, be ethical, be fair, be empathic.

Whatever project we share with you, we believe that the key to communicating your true strength transparently is being authentic and non-violent, while preserving environmental and social resources.

We live on creativity and empathy. We care about your cultural sensitivity and nourish it with our own broader notion of profit and success. It encapsulates stories of passion, people, diversity, and solidarity. 

Since we strongly believe in your ethical soul, we at Swan&Koi have created a proprietary model that links legal, strategic, and semantic skills to measure the quality of the interaction between the brand and its recipients, thus increasing effectiveness and fairness, as well as customer retention.

Be nice to be stronger.

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