north sails

sustainability strategy
influencer strategy
product placement (feat sony music)


THE DESTINATION: Planning communication activities to increase retail sales, repositioning the brand with a focus on sustainability and stressing its close link to Italy.

THE JOURNEY: North Sails is not only an iconic brand, but, just like us, it has a solid know-how on sustainability. Striking a partnership with them both in 2018 and 2019 felt like sailing at full mast towards the same horizon. In 2018, we conceived and managed events in the Milan area as part of the Milan Green Week with the collaboration of Sky Sustainability. We identified a close connection between North Sail’s brand identity and singer Marco Mengoni’s long-standing interest for environmental and local issues, which is why we selected him as the brand ambassador and were in charge of all the activities related to the sponsorship of his Atlantico tour. Our efforts significantly increased brand awareness within the target audience, as well as retail sales.

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